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The folding handle can easily be adapted to your current TKI live pole.

The folding handle allows for easy storage, it also allows for the angler to move the handle if standing above the top of the live pole.


The rigid handle (on older models) can be removed by heating the handle mount with a hot air gun or small propane torch, after removing the cables from the live pole itself.  The new folding handle can then be installed using the sleeve retainer included with the kit.  Coat the inside of the handle mount and the outside of the live pole.  Slide the handle mount onto the pole and allow to sit for ½ hour.  Then you can remove the handle from the old mount and insert it into the new folding handle mount.  Use one of the setscrews from the old mount and install.

Handle not included but may be added to your order if needed!


Made in the USA!

Made with USA materials!


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